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About Phone Number Allocation in North America

Telephone numbers in the United States are allocated by regions of the country, which break down into smaller numeric categories that end up determining the overall phone number. The first part of a ten digit number is determined by the area code, which is ultimately a designated part of the country that generally encompasses a diameter of thirty miles or less, often times much smaller. Area codes signify a certain area and do not signify whether the number is a lane line or a cell phone, although both represent the allocated area code.

Telephone systems and numbers fine themselves in an ever evolving network that originally designed with very basic means. Originally, there were far fewer telephone numbers all together and the expansion of numbers could not have been accurately predicted or accounted for at the time. The evolution of numbers has evolved on the original pattern that was set up, although technology has furthered the system on which it sits today.

The United States currently has a system that is based on ten digits, with the first three being the area code. In each specific area code, phone numbers likely have the exact same following seven digits that typically make up a local phone number. Registering a number in a certain location will give you a seven digit phone number that is preceded by your area code, although you do not need to enter in an area code to contact numbers in the same vicinity. Various districts that have allocated phone numbering systems dictate how they choose to organize their numbers, but they are all based on seven numbers.

If you wish to contact a number in the United States from an outside number you will likely have to dial one before you enter the number, but the following ten digits are always the same. Typically, when you want to connect a phone number in the United States you can select from a handful of possibilities. Individuals cannot select numbers that they would like to have for the most part, due to the fact that it is a system set up not only by the city and the county in which you live in, but a general algorithm that was designed to designate phone numbers.

Phone numbers from within the city or within the county that you reside may specifically be assigned by the neighborhood or smaller region in which your mailing address is associated with. A great deal of areas determines phone numbers through this process and you will typically be able to pick a number that is based on your general area. Usually land lines are more connected numerically to the specified area as opposed to cell phones areas, although this is pretty much due to the fact that land lines are built with the most basic systems of allocated phone numbers, which started when the first phone numbers were created. It is a realistic possibility to customize your phone number if it is not taken, but there is no way to change the first three digit area code.